Individualized Learning Plan Requirements

General and Special Education Participating Teacher Requirements

  • Participate in an at least one hour per week of individual support or mentoring
  • Develop an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) in collaboration with your mentor.
  • Submit your completed ILP each year, including evidence required for induction completion. (See the following page for a transcript of ILP requirements.)
  • Participate in formative assessment processes that include:
    • Setting and reflecting on goals based on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession
    • Lesson planning and student work analysis
    • Informal and formal classroom observations by mentor
    • Developing and completing an Inquiry Action Plan in collaboration with mentor
    • Reflecting on classroom practice
  • Selection of an option for professional development that meets participating teacher needs.
    • Options for professional development are listed in this handbook.
  • Attendance and full participation each year in a district orientation, mid-year review and end of year colloquium.
  • Completion of the program online surveys each year.
  • Completion of the induction requirements within two years. There may be a cost for the participating teacher if program requirements are not completed.
  • Should questions arise about the pairing of a participating teacher and mentor, it is the responsibility of the participating teacher to contact the district coordinator and/or liaison to request a mentor reassignment.

Early Completion Option Program Requirements

Mentoring Tool Completion Difference for ECO

  • The Continuum of Teaching Practice (CTP)
    • Co-assess on six essential elements for Year 2 CSTP: Universal Access
  • Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
    • Complete one based on Year 2 CSTP: Universal Access
    • All six CSTP areas are to be covered
  • Inquiry Action Plan
    • Complete either:
      • One Inquiry Action Plan (IAP) showing implementation of both Year 1 CSTP: Pedagogy and Year 2 CSTP: Universal Access
      • Two Inquiry Action Plans
        • One for Year 1 CSTP: Pedagogy
        • One for Year 2 CSTP: Universal Access
  • Portfolio Evidence Lists completed for Year 1 and Year 2

Level I Education Specialist Program Requirements

In addition to the CCCOE Teacher Induction requirements, Level I Education Specialists complete the competency requirements, which is work comparable to what was completed in prior Level II Education Specialist university programs.  These competency requirements are specific to the Level I Education Specialist's credential authorization.  Competency requirements are documented by submitting evidence of classroom practices and a written reflection for each piece of evidence. Items/documents used as evidence can include assessments, behavior plans, schedules, communications, and resources used. All Competency Requirements must be approved and signed by the district Special Education Director and mentor. The participant demonstrates in writing that they are a consumer of research; (i.e., current issues, trends, journal articles, evidence based research in the field, current legal issues) and capable of advanced level data driven instruction.

Each Level I Education Specialist attends a Level I Education Specialist Advisement meeting.  At this meeting, the Level I Education Specialist designs an Individualized Induction Plan for professional development and advanced study in their area of authorization. Each participant should select appropriate professional development and/or preparation program based coursework to expand his/her skills as a Level I Education Specialist.  Each Level I Education Specialist is required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of advanced professional development in areas such as: case management, advocacy, consultation and collaboration, co-teaching, professional learning community participation and school-wide positive behavior support.

Induction Program Timeline

Date Individualized Learning Plan Processes/Requirements Program Events
August – June Collaborative Assessment Logs (on-going throughout the year) CSTP Evidence (compiled throughout the year) Weekly Meetings with Mentor
August – October Site Administrator Consultation, CSTP Pre-assessment, Fall Continuum Co-Assessment, Create ILP Growth Goals District Teacher Induction Orientation Meeting for mentors and teachers
September – October   Level I Ed Specialists only: Advisement Meeting
Location: Contra Costa County Office of Education
Choose Sept. 18th or Oct. 19th
September 30 Early Completion Option form due to CCCOE Teacher Induction Office  
October 31

Individualized Learning Plan documentation due to the CCCOE Teacher Induction Office:

  • Site Administrator Consultation
  • CSTP Pre-assessment
  • Fall Continuum Co-Assessment
  • Create Two ILP Growth Goals (note: Early Completion Option does six goals)
October 31 Professional Development Online Option Form due (submitted online)  
October – November  

Individualized Learning Plan Workshop: Optional for teachers and mentors. (Choose one)

  • Contra Costa County Office of Education: 10/2, 10/4, 10/11
  • Alameda District Office, Marina Room: 10/18
  • Berkeley Dist. Office, Rm 125: 10/17
  • San Lorenzo USD: 10/19
November – May

Planning/Implementing Inquiry Action Plan

  • Lesson Plan
  • Analysis of Student Work
  • Observations
January 31 Inquiry Action Plan due to CCCOE Teacher Induction Office  
January – February Mid-Year Reflection on ILP Growth Goals District Teacher Induction Mid-Year Review Meeting for mentors and teachers
Program Mid-Year Survey Due February 1st
March 31 LEVEL 1 Ed Specialists only: Competency requirements due to CCCOE  

Submit the following Individualized Learning Plan documentation to your district coordinator at your District Teacher Induction End of Year Colloquium:

  • ILP Preference Page and Letter to Reader
  • Collaborative Logs
  • Inquiry Action Plan implementation
  • Spring Continuum Co-Assessment
  • Mid-Year and End of Year Reflections on ILP Growth Goals
  • CSTP Evidence: includes at least one of each of the following:
    • lesson plan
    • analysis of student work
    • classroom observation

District Teacher Induction End of Year Colloquium Meeting for mentors and teachers

Program End of Year Survey Due May 12th

Individualized Learning Plan Reviewed at CCCOE office on May 24-25